Bridport Art Society
Bridport Art Society Exhibition 2021 

Terms and Conditions 

1. The Exhibition is open to all members as of the 30th April.  Entry is via on-line form only and payment via BACS transfer. 

 2. The Intention of the exhibition is to allow all members to display art work executed by the member, which is unique (not a copy) and produced by the member without aid or assistance. The exhibition is a showcase for all talent in the Society. The sale of work is subsidiary to any other objective. 

 3. No photographs are permitted. 

 4. Prints, Folios and greetings cards are not included in this exhibition. 

 5. Insurance and liability – Every care will be taken to protect works from loss or damage, but we recommend that for any valuable entries, that you arrange your own insurance. 

 6. All entries will only be accepted on the designated hand-in day and time slots. 

 7. All unsold entries must be collected by the artist on the designated day and time slot at the close of the exhibition.  

 8. Payment will be made to the artist, approximately 3 weeks after the end of the exhibition, but any online sales may take a little longer. 

 9. Rules for presentation. All exhibits must be clearly labelled, with your name, title, medium and price, with a hanging label, attached to the string at the back, long enough to hang over the front for easy viewing, but not so long that it hangs below. Please remember to make bags from bubble wrap, for easy access and replacement, with a label on the outside of the bag with the same details as on the hanging label. Please ensure that the details are correct and that no changes have been made from the entry form, as they may not be exhibited. 

 10. Although Covid restrictions may well be lifted by the time of the exhibition, it has been decided that all exhibits will be dropped off only and unwrapped by the gallery, for safety reasons. 

 11. Hung and / or craft(3D). 
  •  Up to 3 works may be entered, which can be a mix of hung or craft. A minimum of two will be displayed depending on size and total number of entries.
  •  Hung work should be no more than 30inches in either width or height, including frame.
12. Commission will be due on any sale of:
  •  60% to the Artist
  • 30% to the Gallery 
  • 10% to BAS