Bridport Art Society
Bridport Art Society – Privacy Statement 
The details members give us will be put on the Society’s membership database and used to keep them informed so that they can participate in the Society’s activities. For example, they will receive details of the annual programme, newsletters, entry forms for exhibitions, and forms to go on workshops and trips. We will also send them other information, usually by email, about arts events that may be of interest.  
We have to ask for members consent to hold and use their personal data to contact them. In saying how they prefer to be contacted, members are asked to bear in mind that it is much faster, easier and more economical for us to communicate by email. We will also need to send some things by post e.g. membership and programme cards. 

We will keep members personal data safe and secure. We will only use it for the purposes for which it is intended and will not keep it longer than is justified. We will never share it with anyone else without the members consent. Members can opt out of receiving communications and ask for the erasure of their details at any time.  

A members contact details may be shared with the appropriate committee member in order either for that committee member to answer an enquiry direct to the member or to enable the committee member to perform their role efficiently and effectively. Information will not be passed between committee members or shared with other members of the Society under any other circumstances. 

Members of the public who contact us will be asked to give their consent to information being passed to third parties: this generally will mean the committee member who is most capable of answering their enquiry. If an external third party needs to be involved the member of the public will be recommended to contact them direct. 

Personal data of members of the public is gathered as part of the normal transactions of the Society, notably during exhibitions. Such data will be kept safe and secure and never shared with external third parties.