Bridport Art Society
Bridport Art Society Constitution  
Aim:  The Society is a non-profit making body whose aim is to encourage interest in and practice of the visual arts. This includes painting in its many forms and sculpture and 3D artworks. It specifically excludes photography and photographic copies of original artworks. 

President:  The President is the ceremonial head of the Society and shall hold office as long as he/she/the Society wishes. 

Officers:  The Society shall have the following Officers: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Exhibition Organiser, Publicity Officer and Programme Officer. 

Committee:  The Committee shall comprise the above Officers and up to six additional Committee Members. The Committee for the following year shall be elected at the AGM. 

Responsibilities:  The Committee is responsible for running the Society and shall meet as and when necessary. The Chairman shall have the authority to call a Committee Meeting giving not less than 7 days notice. At Committee Meetings four members, including at least one Officer, shall form a quorum. 
The Committee shall have the power to legislate on any point not provided for in this Constitution. 
The Committee shall have the power to co-opt persons on to the Committee as it deems necessary. 
All equipment and other assets of the Society shall be vested in the Committee. 

Annual General Meeting:  The membership year and annual programme of events run from 1 April to 31 March; the financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March each year. 

Member:  Any person over 16 may become a member and, having paid the annual subscription, shall have the right to participate in all Society activities and the right to vote at the AGM. 
Honorary Member:  Honorary membership may be offered to any person considered to have rendered outstanding service to the Society or to persons who provide a service necessary for the Society. In each case Honorary membership shall be subject to the approval of the Committee. An Honorary Member shall pay no membership fees but shall have the rights of an ordinary Member. 

Exhibitions Organised under the Banner of the Society:  Full membership of the Society is a pre-requisite for entering any of the exhibitions organised by the Society. 

Annual Subscriptions:  Annual subscriptions are to be set by the Committee at an amount that will cover the Society's running costs as far as possible but consistent with the Society's current/forecast financial position. They fall due on 31 March each year. 

Accounting:  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the day to day accounting of the Society's finances and will prepare and present a set of examined (audited) accounts at the AGM. The Examiner of the accounts may be a Member but not an Officer of the Society.
Society Accounts:The Society will maintain the following financial accounts managed by the Treasurer: 
  - Current Account for day to day transactions 
  - Cash Account held and maintained by the Treasurer, for day to day transactions. 
  - Capital Account for special and significant transactions 
The committee shall approve the bank or banks to be used for these accounts. 

Winding Up of the Society:  In the event that the Society is wound up, for any reason, the responsibility for the disbursement of funds and all other assets rests with the Committee. In doing so the Committee will take into account the needs of local artistic ventures.